The objective of these child protection centers is to serve as a shelter during the day for the children that wonder through the streets.

In this center, the children will find nourishment, clothing, shoes, sports activities, school courses, medical and psychological attention which will allow them to break the cycle of dependency and will convert them into productive citizens in the future.

Every stage of the “Centro de Proteccion al Nino” has a cost of US$100,000 (one-hundred thousand dollars). The total construction of the first center is US$500,000 (five-hundred thousand dollars).

Los miembros y voluntarios de «Abandoned Children in Nicaragua Foundation» han trabajado arduamente en la colección de dinero, y la organización de actividades como el Almuerzo Anual Navideño y la rifa de un carro Honda que se realizan cada año en el Sur de California.

These efforts have collected a total of nearly US$200,000 that were used in the construction of the First Stage and the Second Stage of the Child Protection Center in Sabana Grande, near the city of Managua, Nicaragua.