Braulio Reyes

Braulio Reyes

Psychologist of the Center
Brief info

Born on November 26, 1981 in Managua, Nicaragua. He studied at the National Independent University of Nicaragua, UNAN-MANAGUA with a psycology degree.

Graduated in 2005 he has worked at the center since November 2003.

Amoung his activities are:
- Provide and ensure personalized psychological attention to the children.
- Provide attention to parents.
- Provide attention to working personnel in the center.
- Talks and conversations with children and parents.
- Create children record files.
- Welcome the children.
- Gather up, organize and before eating prayer, divine mercy prayer and farewell prayer.
- Supervise the children when they are playing.
- Ensure the safety of children during their time at the center.
- Provide homework tutoring.
- Realization of activities in the formation and practice of moral and Christian values.
- Teach computer classes.

Mobile (NIC): (505) 8861-1910
Phone (NIC): (505) 7530-9223