Abandoned Children In Nicaragua Foundation is committed to rescue the stranded and neglected children who roam the streets and lack the resources to feed, shelter and opportunity for education to become productive citizens in the Nicaraguan nation.

Remember that these children are the future and without our children there will be no future.

In Nicaragua, to be a child of the street means that you don’t have parents that worry about you, a comfortable bed to sleep in, little or no food – just barely enough to survive. Some of these children are addicted to drugs and work in the street. It’s a sad scene, and it has worsened with the passage of time. The abandoned children, with their luck out on the streets, are out of the control of the government, schools, family, and even the church.

It doesn’t have to continue the same way!

We, the Nicaragua residents in the Inland Empire, California, think it is time to take responsibility for the future of these children and place their lives in the hands of capable people with which these children will have a second chance.

The purpose of the Children of the Streets Project is to construct Child Protection Centers which can initially look after 120 of these children. The goal each year is to rescue additional children from the streets.

The goal each year is to rescue additional children from the streets.

The Children of the Streets Project is part of the non-profit organization "Abandoned Children in Nicaragua Foundation Inc." founded by what was initially known as Nicaragua Citizens of Inland Empire. These citizens have dedicated themselves among other activities to help abandoned children in Nicaragua.

This organization is in constant communication with community leaders, men and women in business, organizations and corporations that are interested in sponsoring this important project.

With your help, you could bring a smile to the needy children. This is your opportunity to be a part of this important project which demonstrates "Someone is helping the children in the streets in Nicaragua."

With your donation, this organization will create the funds needed to construct, maintain and support these Child Protection Centers.

Your participation is greatly appreciated.