Abandoned Children in Nicaragua Foundation is committed to rescue the children abandoned to their fate and caredless who wonder the streets and lack the resources to feed themselves, a roof and have no opportunity to receive an education to become productive citizens in the Nicaraguan nation.
Rescue more children from the streets each year
Provide the rescued children with protection, food and education
Provide a better future for the children when leaving our centers


Dear friends and family:

We hope this communication finds you and your family well. As everyone is aware of the current situation in Nicaragua, we have had to re-evaluate our annual fund raising events for 2018 in San Francisco, Managua and Los Angeles. In light of the crisis and the devastating impact in everyone's lives, we feel that this is not the appropriate moment to have a celebration -- when there is really nothing to celebrate as we keep losing our loved ones and continue to witness unjust practices against the general population in Nicaragua.

For these reasons, The Abandoned Children in Nicaragua Foundation will not be hosting it's annual fund raising events for 2018. Instead, we are asking for your support to donate the ticket value of $80 (San Francisco), $50 (Managua) and $60 (Los Angeles) like you normally would to attend one of these events so that we can continue to cover the costs of the Children Protection Center - Carmen Castro Padilla.

This way we can continue covering the expenses of the Protection Center at El Carmen.

Since there are no formal events, the donation will go completely to the Center since there are no event expenses involved.

As you can well imagine, our largest donors, who have committed certain funds on a monthly basis, have also been affected by the sociopolitical crisis and they have suspended their support until things improve financially and politically. Now more than even the children of the center need your generous support to keep our doors open as best we can under the current crisis.

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15558 Amar Road
La Puente, CA 91744

In all our years of service to the children of Nicaragua, we have never found ourselves in this current situation and it has been difficult to come to these decisions as a foundation, but we have no real options. Once the sociopolitical situation changes and there is no threat to the safety of the children and to the general population in general, we will re-establish our annual events and promise to make them all that more special after what the country and its' population has been through.

We pray for the safety of our children, parents, family and friends in Nicaragua and we pray for the day where a true democracy prevails allowing everyone to reach their dreams.

God bless each and every one of you, and we look forward in gathering once again in 2019 to continue our mission with your undivided support and friendship.

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